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Referred to as the "Czech Chi", is registered in the Beijing Municipal Administration of industry and commerce, to provide international level for the customer quickly, integrity, excellence service of professional intellectual property services.

Trademark agent company by a number of years of experience in intellectual property agent composition, has the theory and the time of rich experience, familiar with the domestic and international trademark, copyright, patent and other relevant laws, can deal with intellectual property disputes and infringement, with its excellent professional quality and keep on carving dedication for enterprises to bring convenient, fast efficient, professional service. We are equipped with a client adviser for each customer, the customer has any form of demand, can contact with advisers, consultants will according to customer demand, in my company have been targeted treatment. To achieve one to one, one stop service.

Beijing Jiecheng Zhixin International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. support China various government intellectual property authorities has been since its inception. With the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is closely related to. As a member, actively participate in the International Association for the protection of industrial property (AIPPI), International Association of trade permits (LES), the International Trademark Association (INTA) and other international intellectual property organization activities. Law firms and countries in the world have maintained long-term extensive, good relations of cooperation.

We have perfect management method, establish the tracking files for each sum of each client's business, the long-term and complex agent work can be accurate and efficient.

Our company partners in 168 countries in Asia, Europe, America and so on more than 500 intellectual property law firm, demands on themselves to the international standard, can reduce the intermediate link brings because of agency cost increases, duration and produce the wrong opportunity, to the international level of professional service, let the customer's intellectual property to produce the greatest economic benefits, and the remain invincible in the competition of the world market and help.

Beijing Jiecheng Zhixin International Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd will provide more excellent services to customers at home and abroad, establish professional and responsible service team.

Also can make contribution for China's intellectual property rights.


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